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Rapyd Pride Week

Type: On-site Event

Scale: Company

When we were invited to a meeting that was titled “A Creative Kickoff” for the client’s Pride Month events - we knew there and then that as far as we are concerned, this is our dream project. The brief was “Our goal is to engage our employees with LGBTQ’s core values”.
We took this one liner and everything began happening. We honestly believe that people that have no basic knowledge of a certain idea or this lifestyle can connect to it via stories that others tell.

Our angle was to share personal journeys told by key figures that made a difference and pushed the envelope further as far as mainstream awareness is concerned. The rationale was that who is perceived nowadays as an icon, a successful and influential persona almost always started somewhere as an outsider. This is exactly where employees can recognize a common ground. Plus we thought it would be for the better to integrate the activities within the working hours.

We set sail and constructed a special weekly agenda which included all activities for the employees as well as forming a new brand, its launch, planning a digital strategy and all internal communications. And of course produced a killer swag bag so the workers can rock it with pride.

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