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Amichay Matyas

Amichay manages the company and keeps busy growing the business. The rest of the time, he comes up with exciting creative ideas for clients. He specializes in bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital sphere by coming up with unconventional content strategies and concepts.


Former television content executive with vast experience, he served as lead content editor and acquisitions manager for a major television platform for over a decade. In recent years he operated as an independent content consultant and a record label boss. During his career, he managed content strategies for top brands in the tech industry as well as for lifestyle and cultural brands and communities.

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Content Editor

Eyal Rob

Head of the creative concept team, Eyal designs and develops content thats keeps people inspired and engaged while also acting as a professional host or moderator throughout many of our experiences. For the most part, he tries to maintain his curiosity and mindfulness.


Culture journalist, screenwriter and also a DJ, he holds a master's degree in film and MFA in scriptwriting. Previously acting as a professor at the Tel-Aviv University and currently teaches at IDC, Eyal’s field of expertise is culture and music through urban contexts. His experience includes founding a television channel, an online music platform and serving as chief editor of cultural magazines. Additionally, he is one of Tel-Aviv's busiest DJ's and a member of the infamous music group Soulico.

Chief Content Developer


→ Let's create cool stuff together

Our story

Both creative experts, good friends, music enthusiasts and full time dads, our careers ran in parallel lines but we never had a real chance to collaborate. In March 2020, COVID-19 struck and completely changed our lives and plans, giving us a real opportunity to pivot our professional paths. Soon thereafter, we started Creative Culture Club. Obviously we weren’t the only ones as companies and their teams were forced to work remotely without the workspace dynamics and spirit.

In the span of 500 cups of coffee, we came to realize that the void between those two can be bridged by the creation of cool and inspiring content experiences. Quickly after the launch, we set sail and started working together with companies and brands to find creative solutions to the new work reality by developing new formats of branded content, lectures, masterclasses, performances and other tools that kept people fascinated, boosted their creativity and got them back together.

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